We Buy Motorbikes

Ok, so yes you found us out, we are in it to make money out of your bike, its kind of how we make a living to be honest. Are we going to fluff it up and ‘guarantee to give you the best offer’? No, but we will make you an offer based on market value and if you are honest with us, we will pay you what we offer, no haggling, no chipping and no arguing the toss when we come to see your bike!

We like to keep it simple, straight forward and stress free. We know it can be a nightmare selling bikes, people not turning up, coming just to kick tyres or wanting to test pilot your pride and joy.
If you want to sell your bike simply fill in the easy to use form and we’ll be in touch, alternatively give us a call and you can have a good old fashioned chat on the phone with a fellow biker about your bike.